What is Reputation Management Software?


Reward helps in monitoring phrases and keywords. When a person mentions a keyword in any of the social networking sites that you are active, the software will instantly alert you. This way, you can get to know their needs and cater if possible. It is one of the useful software for SEO and marketing professionals. Millions and millions of web users use your keyword in various forms.

It is very rare to track them and satisfy their needs. Most times, you would not even know that they have searched your business product or service. You will just have a general idea that a certain number of people have searched, but no idea about their requirements. The Repwarn software plays an active part here. It will track, monitor and inform when any person uses your keyword or business name on the social networking sites.

For example, if a person posts a negative comment about your business in a social page that you are not active, then the Repwarn software will send an immediate notification to you. You can easily track and correct the negative comments. Moreover, you can even talk with the customer who has posted the negative comments and solve the situation. It is all possible with the Rewarn software.

SEO companies that provide services for hotel and travel industries mostly use it. It is also used by repudiation management professionals. Most times, you will come across negative comments without your knowledge in a leading travel website. You may wonder how you missed to serve this customer and what would be the reason for him/her to post in a global travel website. If you are alert and active, then you will come to know about the negative review or else you miss reading the comment. Repwarn will alert about your business status and keyword position. Click here for more info.

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