How Microsoft Office 2016 Improves Productivity

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Coordinating the resources in a particular direction to serve a specific function is called work. Coordinating action to serve a defined objective is called productivity. Combining these two techniques, the AI Tricks in Microsoft Office bring an efficient management system in everyone’s life in a specific order to achieve many functional and personal objectives. To know more, a reader can make use of and learn how to improve both personal and business productivity. This short article is aimed to offer the readers with some valuable inputs how Microsoft Office 2016 performs actions in improving productivity at every level.

What is unique with Microsoft 2016?
There is not much change one can see in every version of Microsoft products. But the quality with which each enhanced version like Microsoft 2016 performs actions has completely modified for the better. Hence, it is time for us to know how this new productivity suite MS Office 2016 brings an enhanced productivity at all levels.

Real-time co-authoring: Collaboration will be the key theme to Office’s new applications. Possibly the biggest everyday user perk is real-time cooperation in Word, giving users the opportunity to share documents and see what others are typing since they type it. This is something, naturally, that we’ve already seen completed in Google Docs. The main difference in Office is that, even though multiple users can transform a document simultaneously, they won’t edit the same line, defusing some of the possibility for tension and prancing over a single sentence.

OneNote notebook sharing: Another beautiful thing with Microsoft Office 2016 is that feature of OneNote, shared notebooks which let the users collect any information, including snaps, videos, sketches, etc. at a centralized location and sync updates with other users. This seems to be unique and also allow the users to execute this by creating a link under the Share menu of the user’s notebook so that other users can see or edit it with great ease.

Improved version history: Activities like collaboration and creativity seems to be quite daunting especially when drastic changes occur over a period. This is well compromised in MS Office 2016 by just retaining the past versions of the documents and retrieves them directly from the application through the History section of the File menu.

Better buying options: MS Office 2016 is made available only for the paid subscribers. By acquiring a boxed version of MS Office 2016, a buyer can be accessed to an annual subscription with an open option. Buying a student version, one can pay a one time fee for the core apps.

Simplified document sharing: With the addition of a Share Button, MS Office 2016 has been designed to streamline the document sharing process. This button is located in the top-right corner of the Office Apps. By a simple click a user can access to share the document with the individuals in the contact list. One even need not have to document to execute it which is a unique and straightforward action.

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