Advantages Of A Business Blog

business blog

Business blogging is a strategy employed by many businesses to create its own niche audience. Online surveys have reported sales growth increasing by at least 50% due to blogs. Blog audiences comprise people who are specifically interested in your line of business and would like to stay updated. There are many free blog sites available that enhance the experience of blogging both functionally and creatively with easily customizable features. An example of a good blog hosting website:

What are the advantages of creating a business blog?

Blogging on a regular basis about your products, reviews, latest trends, developments in your industry etc are educative and informative. It helps build trust among your readers and customer base. You soon become that go-to person that everyone relies upon with eyes closed. Without a blog, it may take several years to create this level of awareness and trust.

Blogging is not just for the purpose of information; it is a highly effective marketing tool. Your business may be located in one or a few cities but a blog post draws attention from all over the world. Locally too, your reach is extended greatly and there is high visibility. Its an easy way to market and advertise your business with least expenditure. With time your blog audience can grow up to several thousands.

Adding posts at regular, frequent intervals generates more traffic to your blog posts. With each post you provide additional indexed page to search engines. Keyword driven pages also result in increased traffic. With increase in traffic, your community is constantly growing as more people get hooked to your posts each time.

Blog posts can be fed into social media networks like twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram, pinterest etc. The possibilities are endless. Your reach can grow exponentially.

Demonstrated expertise, consistency, visibility and trust gained – all these are achieved over a period of time. It automatically boosts sales in your business. There may not be a great need to advertise separately as credibility is already earned. The people who reach out to your business, if approached via your blog or are part of your audience are genuine potential customers because they have read and researched on all other competitive brands as well. So your sales team need not have to start from scratch to educate them and the chances of them buying your product are significantly higher.

Blogs are two-interaction and this is a major strength. Not only do you get to share your expertise and generate an audience, you also get feedback from them, which is very valuable. Consider the launch of a new product and you want to know how it’s doing in the market. You can post about it and seek client feedback, You are sure to receive ample feedback if not inundated by them. That allows you to analyze data and measure success or failure, take corrective action, extrapolate data, forecast and plan for the future.

Business blogs significantly contribute to the growth of your business. Whether you employ an agency to post blogs or do it in-house, it’s a good investment of your time and money.

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